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There are a number of resources where you can find out more about the Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice in Postman's Park

Heroes of Postman's Park

John Price, Heroes of Postman's Park: Heroic Self-Sacrifice in Victorian London (2015)

Based upon extensive historical research, this book, for the first time, provides a full and engaging account of the dramatic circumstances behind every single one of the 54 incidents commemorated on the Watts Memorial in Postman's Park London, and reveals the vibrant and colourful lives led by those who tragically died.

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Postman's Park

John Price, Postman's Park: G. F. Watts's Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice (2008)

Created in 1900 by the Victorian artist G.F.Watts, the Watts Memorial contains fifty-four memorial tablets dedicated to individuals who lost their life heroically attempting to save another. The memorial has much to communicate about the beliefs and values of Watts himself, as well as aspects of the period and society in which he lived. This short study provides a comprehensive history of the Watts Memorial while also placing it into a wider historical context through the use of new research.

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Everyday Heroism

John Price, Everyday Heroism: Victorian Constructions of the Heroic Civilian (2014)

This book establishes new avenues of study by revealing and examining 'everyday' heroism; acts of life-risking bravery, undertaken by otherwise ordinary individuals, largely in the course of their daily lives and within quotidian surroundings. Discovering why certain individuals or acts were accorded the status of being 'heroic' also provides insights into those that recognized them; if you want to identify the characteristics of a group or society, much can be learnt by studying those it holds up as heroic. Consequently, Everyday Heroism: Victorian Constructions of the Heroic Civilian provides valuable and revealing evidence for a wide range of social and cultural topics including; class, gender, identity, memory, celebrity, and literary and visual culture.

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Everyday Heroes on Placecloud

Short Podcasts about some of the Everyday Heroes of Postman's Park can be accessed through the Placecloud website

On Placecloud, researchers tell the stories of the world through “viewpoints” which are short podcasts about places. These viewpoints reveal the historical significance of the everyday places and people that surround us, bringing the world to life.

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Everyday Heroes on Historypin

All the historic incidents that feature on the Watts Memorial in Postman's Park have been mapped on Historypin.

Historypin is a place for people to share photos and stories, telling the histories of their local communities. We would love people to add their own stories and materials to the various pins.

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Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry (2010)

When Elspeth Noblin dies she leaves her beautiful flat overlooking Highgate Cemetery to her twin nieces, Julia and Valentina Poole, on the condition that their mother is never allowed to cross the threshold. But until the solicitor's letter falls through the door of their suburban American home, either Julia nor Valentina knew their aunt existed. As the twins unravel the secrets of their aunt, who doesn't seem quite ready to leave her flat, even after death, Niffenegger weaves together a delicious and deadly ghost story about love, loss and identity. Key scenes in the book take place in Postman's Park.

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Closer (2005) based on the stage play by Patrick Marber

A witty, romantic, and very dangerous love story about chance meetings, instant attractions, and casual betrayals. Closer is director Mike Nichols' critically acclaimed look at four strangers - Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen - with one thing in common: each other. Adapted by Patrick Marber from his award-winning stage play. The film features several scenes in Postman's Park and the lead character adopts the name 'Alice Ayres' from one of the tablets.

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